The Island of Skopelos

Pine covered mountains and cultivated hillsides of olive and plum trees characterize the landscape of Skopelos. Located in the Northern Aegean Sea, midway between Athens and Thessaloniki, Skopelos is an island of about 5000 permanent residents, whose livelihood, until recently, has depended on farming and fishing. While other Greek islands have been hard hit by tourism, Skopelos has managed to maintain its traditional character and charm. The island’s indigenous arts of wood carving, pottery, and lace making are still practiced by local artisans.

Rising steeply on a hillside overlooking the harbor, the main village of Skopelos is a delightful maze of cobblestone steps and streets crowned at the top by the ruins of a Venetian fortress. Byzantine chapels, stucco houses with tile roofs and wooden balconies overflowing with bougainvillea make it an ideal location for artists.

The wild landscape of the island is stunningly beautiful; steep cliffs descend to the sea and remote monasteries are set amidst a background of wildflowers. Fine beaches and swimming coves line the coast and the crystal clear Aegean waters are invitingly warm from June to October. The island may be explored by bus, taxi, rented car, motorbike, bicycle or on foot.

In Summer, Skopelos exudes a cosmopolitan atmosphere as European visitors fill the tavernas and cafes that line the harbor side. Skopelos boasts a lively night life with live music and dancing clubs, or one can find respite with a few friends in a quiet seaside restaurant under the stars.

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