In Skopelos, participants stay in beautifully maintained studio apartments in one or two small family-run pensions with splendid sea views, swimming pools, Wifi & AC. The pensions, Del Sol and Sunrise Village are situated side by side, and both are set for double occupancy with modern facilities, kitchenette, private bath and balconies or patios. Maid service is provided every day, and clean sheets and towels every two days. Accommodations are just steps from the sea and only a 7 minute walk from the port and village of Skopelos.

In Athens, we’ll stay at the charming Plaka Hotel near the Acropolis, in double occupancy rooms with A/C, private bath, Wifi, and a delicious buffet breakfast included.

Single occupancy accommodations are available for an additional fee of  $545. Single accommodations may be requested in your application – or send us an e-mail.

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