Field Trips & Cultural Presentations

All Our Art Programs begin with an inspiring visit to Athens, highlighted by guided tours of the ancient Acropolis, the stunning new Acropolis Museum and the Ancient Agora. You’ll gain insight into the history and mythology of Athena’s magnificent Sanctuary as well as the social, commercial and political life of ancient Athens. We’ll explore the quaint streets of this legendary city, dine in lively tavernas and savor the delights of fresh Greek cuisine and wines.

On our return to Athens at the conclusion of the workshop, we’ll visit the National Archeological Museum of Athens, which houses the world’s finest collection of ancient Greek art.

During your stay on the island of Skopelos, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a series of Cultural Presentations which provide you with a deeper insight into Greek life. These informal meetings enrich your total experience by fostering a new understanding of Greece, its culture, its people, which contribute to opening mind and eyes and in turn effect the creative process.

Faculty: Isabel Dempsey View Isabel’s Artwork
Learn about Isabel’s Books:

  1. “Breath of Madness, on the Isle of Skopelos an Ancient Rite Endures”, published by the Municipality of Skopelos.
  2. “Gypsy Folktales from Greece “
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