Embrace the Journey, Travel Through Time: Mixed Media Artist Books with Melanie Matthews

June 1 -14 2019

Embrace the Journey, Travel Through Time: Mixed Media Artist Books with Melanie Matthews

In this amazing 14-day art travel workshop you’ll create a beautifully personal 9×12 inch art book, employing your experiences and impressions of the breath-taking vistas of Greece, it’s history and culture as the inspiration for its contents.

An Art Book Format serves as the ideal canvas for it will allow us to combine and remember moments, reactions and impressions gathered throughout our journey. Imaginatively fusing elements from many sources, times and places, we’ll juxtapose these against a wide range of materials, art approaches and techniques. Combining both traditional and non-traditional surfaces such as paper, boards, fabric and mylar with watercolor and acrylic painting, collage, drawing and printmaking, as these will be just a few of the techniques and materials that will be explored and demonstrated each day.

We’ll be learning and mastering exciting new techniques as we absorb our experiences of the rich culture, history and beauty Greece has to offer. For which Greece in famous). Your book will serve as a point of departure for stimulating your creativity and imagination while allowing you to integrate and interpret the sights, atmosphere, colors and light of Greece and the island of Skopelos.

We’ll work together each morning in guided 3 hour sessions from 9:30am – 12:30 pm. Afternoons are free to continue working independently or explore and enjoy the island as you gather great photographs, materials and ideas for your personal and unique Art Book. We’ll meet again on alternate evenings for a special series of cultural presentations that will introduce you to the history, mythology and customs of Greece, as well as an evening of Greek music and dancing!

Daily Classes will cover:

  • Sketching and Drawing: Plein air with pens, pencils and markers
  • Composition: The Secrets Revealed
  • Digital Photographs: Taking great Photos with your phone or iPad/Editing and Altering Photos
  • Watercolors: Painting the contemporary way
  • Acrylic Painting: Using and mixing beautiful colors
  • Image Transfer: Creating your own photographs/photo mosaic
  • Collage: Incorporating ephemera gathered on our travels
  • Basic Printmaking: Letting Nature In
  • Understanding Art Materials

Our workshop begins in Athens with an inspiring 2-day visit highlighted by tours of the Acropolis, the spectacular new Acropolis Museum and the Ancient Agora. We’ll dine in lively tavernas and explore the streets of this legendary city. Our sojourn will also conclude in Athens with a visit to the National Archeological Museum which houses the world’s finest collection of ancient Greek Art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to recharge your creative juices, create inspired art, make new friends and savour the delights of Greek island life!

All levels welcome.

Faculty: Melanie Mathews View Melanie’s Work
Early Bird Discount: $2940 until December 21 2018
Full Tuition: (double occupancy: $3090)
Materials Fee: $100 Fee includes all painting materials, gels and mediums.
Spouse/Non-Student: $2495

Fee includes tuition, double occupancy accommodations in Athens and Skopelos (an additional fee of $545 provides single occupancy), cultural presentations, land and sea travel in Greece, including Athens/Skopelos/Athens, field trips and museum admissions; does not include airfare and most meals. Spouse/Non-students are excluded from studio classes but may enjoy all other facets of the program including field trips, archaeological sites and museum visits, cultural presentations and social activities.

Enrollment Deadline: March 15 2019. For full Enrollment Info, Costs, Deadlines and Refund Policies, please see Enrollment & Costs

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