Paint, Draw and Print Intuitively with Adria Arch

Paint, Draw and Print Intuitively with Adria Arch

September 1-14 2022

Join Adria Arch for an art-making odyssey on the beautiful Aegean island of Skopelos! We’ll mix the travel experience of a lifetime with an inspirational workshop that will excite your artistic appetite and encourage you to adopt a spontaneous, bold and fearless approach to art-making. Intuitive art focuses on process, fosters self-confidence and frees you to express your unique voice as an artist. You’ll learn to look at everything as a possible subject for self-expression and discovery while touching base each day with the foundations of art making.

You’ll capture your impressions of Skopelos through a series of guided exercises, using acrylic paints, drawing materials and printing techniques without a press, augmenting studio time with image gathering field trips to beautiful sites on the island. We’ll explore the expressive use of color, shape and texture while learning ways to jump-start and sustain your own art practice.

Daily lessons will include demonstrations, technical advice and critiques. Beginner and advanced artists alike will be challenged and excited by personalized feedback, as Adria encourages you to push beyond the limits of your past work and enter new and exciting artistic territory!

A special series of Cultural Presentations will introduce you to Greek history, mythology and customs, as well as an evening of Greek music and dancing!

This program begins with an inspiring two-day visit to Athens, highlighted by tours of the ancient Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum. We’ll explore the quaint streets of this legendary city and dine in lively tavernas. Our Greek odyssey concludes with a visit to the National Archeological Museum

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover your inner muse, as you savour the delights of Greek island life!

All levels welcome!

Faculty: Adria Arch View Adria’s work

Tuition with double occupancy: $3635
(Single occupancy option provided for an additional fee of $575)

Materials Fee: $50 Fee includes Golden acrylic paints and mediums, gel plates, brayers, brushes, pastels, scissors, markers and a variety of drawing supplies.
Spouse/Non-Student: $2850

Fees includes tuition, double occupancy accommodations in Athens and Skopelos, cultural presentations, land and sea travel in Greece including Athens/Skopelos/Athens, field trips and museum admissions; does not include airfare and most meals. Spouse/Non-students are excluded from studio classes but may enjoy all other facets of the program including field trips, archaeological sites and museum visits, cultural presentations and social activities.

Enrollment Deadline: May 15 2022. For full Enrollment Info, Costs, Deadlines and Refund Policies, please see Enrollment & Costs

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